Our Does

Thank you for your interest in our girls.  Our goal at AlpineGlo Farm is to raise top quality, healthy, friendly, dairy goats.  We recognize that this starts by giving all members of the herd top quality care on a daily basis, proper nutrition, and a good breeding plan.  We are proud to maintain a CAE negative herd.  All members of the herd are registered with ADGA.

Retired Reference Does

AlpineGlo Farm Annabelle

Sire: Kickapoo-Valley Life Scallywag

Dam: Bumble Hill Lilly

Lazy-Lady-Farm's Chikadee

Sire: Three-Rings Andy

Dam: Lazy-Lady-Farm's Phoebebelark

Lazy-Lady-Farm's Serena

Sire: Three-Rings Bee Sting

Dam: Lazy-Lady-Farm's Sabine Whear

Bumble Hill Lilly

Sire: Kickapoo-Valley Saga Sibelius

Dam: Fox's Pride LCT Emma Peony

Bumble Hill Daisy

Sire: Kickapoo-Valley Saga Sibelius

Dam: Fox's Pride LCT Emma Peony

Bumble Hill Buttercup

Sire: Hull's WRCR B-Rock Robama

Dam: Fox's Pride LCT Emmy Poppy

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