2022 ADGA Alpine Dairy Goat Kids

Kidding Schedule


Kidded 4/9

Holly x Seamas

"Kelsey" Doeling-SOLD


Kidded 4/8

Chiquita x Capricorn

"Kenosha" Buckling-SOLD

"Katalia" Doeling-SOLD

Eleanor x Seamas

"Kathleen" Doeling-SOLD

"Kennedy" Buckling-SOLD

Kidded 4/10

Clarabelle x Capricorn

"Kingston" Buckling-SOLD

Kidded 4/11

Grapefruit x Seamas

"Katahdin" Buckling-SOLD

Kidded 4/14

Elvira x Capricorn

"Katarzyna" Doeling-Retained

Kidded April 18

Hazelbelle x Capricorn

"Kelso" Stud Buckling-SOLD

"Kirstin Belle" Doeling-SOLD

Kidded April 19

Blacked Eyed Susan x Seamas

"Katana" Buckling-Available

"Killer" Buckling-Available

Kidded April 19

Georgiabelle x Capricorn

"Kornelia" Doeling-Retained

"Katrina" Doeling-Retained

Kidded May 8

Edy x Seamas

"Kodiak" Buckling-Available

"Klondike" Doeling- SOLD

Kidded May 18

Effie Lou x Seamas

"Katie Trailer" Doeling- Under Deposit


Registered doelings and breeding bucklings picked up before 2 weeks $175

Additional $30 per week thereafter


Select bucklings will be available unregistered as pets, minimum purchase of 2. 

A $75 nonrefundable deposit is required to hold your kid.

All animals come from disease-free closed herd.  All doelings and breeding stock bucklings come with ADGA registration forms.