ADGA Alpine Dairy Goat Kids-Now Available

Kidding Schedule

Elvira x Capricorn

DOB 4/8

     Juniper Doeling: Retained

     Jupiter Buckling: available as stud only

Chiquita x Capricorn

DOB 4/9

     Juanita Doeling: Sold

Clarabelle x Capricorn

DOB 4/11

     Jaime Buckling: available as stud only

     Jacobite Buckling: Sold

Edelweiss x Capricorn

DOB 4/12

     Jana Doeling: Sold

     Jessa Doeling: Sold

     Jill Doeling: Sold

Edy x Capricorn

DOB 4/12

     Juneau Doeling: Sold

     Jewel Doeling: Sold

Hazelbelle x Seamas

DOB 4/14

     Juliet Doeling: Sold

     Jolene Doeling: Sold

Eleanor x Capricorn

DOB 4/15

     JFK Buckling: Sold

     Jackie Doeling: Reserved

     Jane Doeling: Reserved

Grapefruit x Capricorn

DOB 4/17

     Jalapeno Buckling: Available

     Joaquin Buckling: Available

Clementine x Capricorn

DOB 4/18

     Jay Peak Buckling: Available

     Jericho Buckling: Available

Effie Lou x Capricorn

DOB 4/19

     Jenny Lee Doeling; Retained

Holly x Capricorn

DOB 4/18

     June Carter Doeling: Sold

     Johnny Cash Buckling: Available

Georgiabelle x Capricorn

DOB 4/20

     Jamaica Buckling: Reserved

     Juju Buckling: Reserved




Doelings and breeding bucklings picked up before 2 weeks $150

Additional $25 per week thereafter


Select bucklings will be available unregistered as pets, minimum purchase of 2. 

Prices start at $75(discounts available for larger group purchases)


All animals come from disease-free closed herd.  All doelings and breeding stock bucklings come with ADGA registration forms. All animals will be disbudded and bottle trained unless other arrangements are made.